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FOCAL - Utopia Be Kit N°7


     3 way 165mm (6.5") kit, 80mm (3") midrange drivers, Crossblock separate crossover (passive version), grilles included. The defining standard combines outstanding sound reproduction quality in both low, midrange and high frequencies and allowing multiple midrange driver and tweeter mounting positions for optimal sound staging.


KIT N°7 Description

     The N°7 is a 3-way kit designed around a very innovative ultra compact midrange, a tiny three-inch speaker called 3 W2. The unique characteristic of this 3″ mid is that it plays from 200 Hz upwards. Most three-way kits cross to the midrange speaker at 400 to 600 Hz which means that there is a crossover point in the middle of the frequencies used by most human voices, which causes some strange effects, for example a singers voice switches between speakers halfway through a note. If you can mount this Focal 3″ and the Be tweeters above dashboard level, you will achieve staging and imaging unmatched by any other brand of speakers. This kit will require expert and customised installation in most cars but is a breakthrough in what is achievable in car audio.

These three kits come with the Crossblock stereo filter, which controls and harmonizes the driver units. Thanks to no less than 4480 combinations of electrical adjustments, the Crossblock will allow the user to reveal the full extent of the Utopia Be performance. These systems are perfect for serious competitors and passionate audiophiles who like to control and adjust every aspect of the systems performance.


Focal's dedication to perfection


Focal's goal in speaker-making is to attain supreme accuracy in the reproduction of sound, so that your music travels directly to your heart without any coloration or interference. Utopia Be component systems exemplify Focal's dedication to perfection, bringing you performance that focuses your attention completely on the source of your pleasure: the players, their instruments, and the art of the song.



Beryllium: 100 times more expensive than gold


 An inverted dome tweeter, made from pure Beryllium foil, lies at the heart of this Utopia Be speaker system. Lighter and stiffer than titanium or aluminum, Beryllium gives this tweeter accurate and crisp high-frequency response with a smoothness more like silk than metal. This dome reproduces frequencies far beyond the human hearing range, delivering the minute musical details and overtones that make music sound convincingly real.



Hand-made woofer cones


 Focal built the Utopia Be 6-3/4" woofer with a 3-layer cone, consisting of a foam core laminated on both sides with thin sheets of glass fabric. Focal even varies the thickness of the foam core to ensure the absolute accuracy of the woofer's playback across the entire sonic spectrum. The 3" midrange speakers — miniature versions of the larger woofers — disperse the midrange frequencies that determine the character of the instruments and vocals.

The aluminum alloy basket uses an open back to cool the woofer's internal works and to prevent any trapped air from interfering with the cone's motion. Every Focal product and part passes a battery of inspections and tests before, during, and after assembly.


The Crossblock™ crossover network

 Focal arms its Utopia Be components with their Crossblock, a formidable crossover network that offers a staggering amount of control. The two woofer knobs give you a choice of 10 low-pass frequency settings and 8 different crossover slopes; the tweeter knobs let you select from 7 high-pass frequencies and 8 level selections. In total, the Crossblock gives you 80 woofer settings and 56 tweeter settings so you can tune this magnificent system to perfection in your vehicle. Focal developed the heavy-duty, hand-rolled coils and capacitors that are essential to this crossover's high efficiency and low distortion.


Utopia Be From Extreme Technology to Sound Sensuality

     Both radical and exclusive, the Utopia Be range is above all, the result of an extraordinary human endeavor with the aim to reach the top level of sound reproduction. Working without constraints or limits, allowed us to introduce and manufacture a tweeter with a pure Beryllium inverted dome, a genuine world’s first that pushes forward the quality of musical reproduction. This material, 100 times more expensive than gold, is largely responsible for the sound quality revolution which Focal has created. With the capability to reproduce frequencies up to 40kHz, this real and enormous technological achievement results in musical reproduction of the very tiniest detail. In addition, by lowering the resonant frequency to 1.2kHz, a smooth matching is made between the tweeter and the mid-range, creating a sound stage with incomparable width and precision. The design of the composite “W” sandwich cone for the mid-range drivers and subwoofers, allows complete control of a wide range of parameters, including rigidity, lightness and damping. This assures a more accurate and realistic sound. Utopia Be could not have been created without a demanding and unique mix of technical innovation, hand-made precision and the full in-house control of the entire manufacturing process. Utopia has set the new standard in musical quality reproduction. We are convinced that when the history of hi-fidelity is recounted, it will include a before and after Utopia Be reference point.


Beryllium Inverted Dome Tweeter

     Dome/coil optimization delivers an outstanding energy response that is unattainable with conventional raised dome tweeters. As for Beryllium, it offers an unmatched extended response from 1000Hz to 40kHz, ensuring the highest sound quality, as well as a perfect matching between the tweeter and the woofer thanks to its very low resonant frequency.


“W” Composite Sandwich Cone Woofer

     The unmatched rigidity offered by the glass layers delivers extreme linearity over a wide frequency range without any low frequency distortion. The structural foam central core’s lightness allows optimal acceleration, without decay, while damping derived from the “W” material produces the most faithful reproduction of sound.



     This crossover combines the advantages of a tailored crossover with 4480 adjustment points for greater flexibility and precise tuning. The highest quality components inside this crossover fully reflect the Utopia Be approach and its goal of exceptional musicality, no matter what difficulties the vehicle’s interior may present.





W Cone: The woofer cone is a sandwich composite consisting of a foam core laminated with glass fabric on both sides. The result of this full polymerization is a composite far more rigid than other cone material combinations of equal mass, while still maintaining the excellent damping characteristics of the foam core.


Surround: The rubber surround is resistant to ultraviolet rays, temperature extremes, and humidity to add to the speaker's reliability and longevity.


Zamak Basket: The woofer features a non-magnetic cast Zamak basket. Zamak is a rigid alloy of Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, and Copper. The legs of the frame are filled with high viscosity rubber which absorbs any vibration in the chassis.


Voice Coil: The two layer voice coil is wound around a 40mm (1.57") diameter low-mass Black Kapton former, ensuring no coil deformation.


Neodymium Magnets: The woofers use Neodymium ring magnets, which have magnetic flux power similar to a ceramic magnet 10 times their size, reducing the size and weight of the speaker.




Cone: Like the woofers, the midrange drivers use W sandwich cones with rubber surrounds, Zamak baskets, and Neodymium magnets.


Voice Coil: The voice coil is wound around a 1" diameter low-mass Kapton former, ensuring no coil deformation.


Size: The midrange drivers are not a standard size, approximately 3" diameter. It can be top or bottom mounted and has these dimensions:


  • Depth (top mount): 1.41"
  • Mounting height: 0.2"
  • Flange height: 0.2"
  • Depth (bottom mount): 1.61"
  • Tweeter protrusion: 0" (zero)
  • Cutout diameter: 2.87"
  • Frame diameter: 3.46"





Beryllium Tweeter: The tweeter is an inverted Beryllium dome, producing a broad sound stage. Beryllium is approximately seven times stiffer than titanium with inner damping characteristics similar to silk. Combined with its extreme light weight, these properties make Beryllium an excellent tweeter material. The tweeter has a Neodymium magnet to provide a powerful magnetic field for the voice coil, while still maintaining the tweeter's compact dimensions.


Mounting Options: Focal recommends flush mounting and the flush mount cup is built onto the tweeter housing. The included housing also allows surface mounting.


Flush Mount Dimensions:


Mounting Height 0.50"
Depth 0.45"
Frame Dimensions 2.12" x 2.87"
Cutout Diameter 1.3"





Design: Focal's Crossblock crossover has multiple settings, 4,480 total combinations, allowing you to optimize the system and compensate for the driver locations and the acoustic environment of the specific car.


  • Width: 13"
  • Height: 2.25"
  • Depth: 10.375"






Product Type 3 Way Kit  
Nominal impedance
4 Ohms
Woofer 80mm (3")  
Controls 4480 controls (passive version)  
Crossover Crossblock  
Cut-out diameter 143mm (5.6")  
Voice coil 40mm (1.6")  
Woofer 165mm (6.5")  
Tweeter TBe, Beryllium inverted dome  
Magnet Neodymium  
Frequency response (+/-3dB) 55Hz - 40kHz  
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 89dB  
Nom. power 100W  
Max. power 200W  
Depth from wall 72mm (2.8")